Racism: bigger enemies hiding in our midsts

Forza Nuovo Racists

Forza Nuovo in Piazza Maggiore

Forza Nuovo in Piazza Maggiore

Chief Editor: Michael Phillips

Forza Nuovo demonstrated again in front of thousands in the center of Bologna that they can’t stand non-whites or for that matter all non-Italian born people. Strangely though, who needs Forza Nuovo to show us what naked racism looks like when our very own non-Italian residents can be just as brutal. It appears there’s a lot more to fighting racism against arch enemies when there’s apparently enough of it between other foreign groups. This was demonstrated in a not so subtle way during a meeting in a local circolo one evening in the Bolognina area. A member of one foreign community stood up and said, “You can’t talk to them (the other foreign community) blah blah…”.  Stop. From this short discourse it’s plain that our community leaders need to do a lot more.  Firstly, to combat our mortal enemies we must face those hiding in our midsts. Forza Nuovo and other hate groups are evidently different from the rest of the population it’s almost a no brainer to understand how they are attacking the fundamental freedoms of all people. The minority groups and neo-Bolognese can easily blunt their efforts to spread any hatred simply by coming together but not if we cannot even stand each other. Respect and tolerance must be equally applied to all our communities otherwise, we only justify those barbaric portrayals our true enemies paint of us.

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