Bolognese Musician Ezio Bosso Dies At Home

48 years old internationally famed Bosso died after fighting a neurodegenerative disease

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia

Pianist, composer and conductor, Bosso died yesterday in his home in Bologna. In the 2016 Sanremo festival, he told his story and performed ‘Following a bird’ to great acclaim. “Music teaches us the most important thing there is: listening,” he said in front of several million viewers. He was an internationally renowned musician, whose works have been commissioned and used by important opera institutions, such as the Wiener Staatsoper, the Royal Opera House, the New York City Ballet, and the Bolshoij Theater in Moscow.

Living with the disease

Born in Turin, 13th September 1971, Bosso had approached music already at the age of 4. In 2011 he had had brain surgery to remove a tumor and was also affected by a neurodegenary disease, an autoimmune syndrome but the illness never stopped his love of music. In fact, he continued to play, compose and direct. In September 2019, however, following the worsening of the neurodegenerative disease, he had been forced to stop playing the piano, due to complications of his hands. “I can’t play anymore, so stop asking me,” he commented last September.

One of his last concerts teaching aspiring students in Via Zamboni.

One of his last concerts teaching aspiring students in Via Zamboni.

His death was announced, “due to the degeneration of the pathologies that had afflicted him for years… the only way to remember him is, as he always has been and as he has always reiterated the Master, is to love and to protect the great classical repertoire to which he dedicated his whole existence and whose fortunes in this difficult moment have been at the top of his thoughts to the very last.” His funeral will be strictly private.

Condolence and memories

Many remember him in these hours, on Twitter the hashtag ‘Rip’ immediately jumped up on top of the trends. Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Dario Franceschini wrote: “A deep and generous man, an explosive artist capable of transmitting the joy of playing and the passion for music. I am very saddened by the death of Ezio Bosso: it is a sad day for Italian culture to lose a great interpreter and composer, an extraordinary man who made his life a message of hope and strength.” Carlo Conti, the presenter of Sanremo who introduced Bosso to the general public said, “Hi Ezio, great musician but above all a great man.” Rapper Fedez wrote: “A great example of art and resilience. What a displeasure.”

Bologna Press had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with Ezio and even sharing a few drinks with him in one of his favourite bars Ruggine. He spoke fluent English and always talked in fond terms of visiting London. He will be sadly missed.


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