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1️ Mandatory spacing

2️ Price for mask fixed at € 0.50 and without VAT

3️ Just one click to renew the € 600 bonus

4️ Until May 18, movement with self-certification

5️ Visits aimed at family members but the use of masks are mandatory

6️ Opening of parks and gardens with set quotas to enter, gatherings prohibited

7️ Funeral ceremonies up to 15 people

8️ Allow takeaway restaurant activities, gatherings on-premises prohibited

9️ Ok for physical training of Coni athletes but behind closed doors. Physical activity is permitted but with spacing

10 Manufacturing, construction and functional wholesale may restart


1️ Open retail trade

2️ Museums, exhibitions, and libraries

3️ Team sport workouts


1️ Opening of bars, restaurants, hairdressers and beauty centers


Ministers Speranza and Boccia, in particular, insisted on maintaining the obligation of self-certification for travel within the Municipality or Region. The self-certification form will change to reflect reasons for leaving the house such as adding that of visiting relatives, according to precise procedures to protect health and safety. You can move within your municipality and your region, but not yet to other regions if not for work or health reasons. It will, therefore, be possible for students or workers or anyone else who has been stuck in another city since the lockdown to return home.


People will have the authorization to see close family members, parents, sisters, brothers, grandparents. This does not mean allowing family reunions: the ban on gatherings, even at home, remains valid. Especially to protect the elderly, the use of a mask is prescribed.

#Physical activity

As announced, the resumption of motor activity will be allowed near your home, always individually or in any case at a distance of at least one meter, with the sole exception of people living in the same house. The rule of distance also applies to public gardens, which will have additional entrances. Also physical activity with children or accompanying people who are not self-sufficient. Professional athletes identified by Coni may resume training, except for team sports for which this may restart on May 18. For sporting activities, the minimum distance foreseen is two meters. For simple physical activity, it is instead one meter.

#Bar takeaway restaurants

Pending the reopening of bars and restaurants, but also of beauty salons and hairdressers, announced by Prime Minister Conte on June 1, the possibility of doing catering is confirmed starting from May 4 (in the Marche from tomorrow) with home takeaway permitted. Consumption must not take place inside commercial premises, nor must there be gatherings outside premises in which the distance between people is not respected. “You will have to enter one at a time,” explained Conte, “respecting the line or distances, with the protective devices.”

#Shopsgoverno italia sito web

The reopening for retail businesses is set for 18 May and not 11 as initially assumed. At the request of the Technical Scientific Committee, it was decided to plan reopening phases over 14 days to verify the effects of each reopening. Hairdressers, barbers, beauty centres, as mentioned, will reopen on June 1 together with bars and restaurants.

#Religious services and funerals

The CEI’s requests for the resumption of religious services were only partially accepted. From 4 May funerals will be celebrated again but only in the presence of close family members (first or second-degree relatives), no more than 15 people, if possible outdoors and at a distance from each other. Everyone must be equipped with a mask. Masses are not permitted, despite the articulated proposal of distancing measures by the CEI. The reopening of cemeteries was also firmly posed, albeit in safety.


The timetable for the restarting of production activities has also been confirmed. Companies deemed strategic are allowed, from public construction sites to manufacturing for exports with authorization requests notwithstanding. From 4 May all other sectors including wholesale may begin.


As anticipated museums, exhibitions and outdoor cultural venues will reopen too.

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