Go-ahead for takeaways pre-opening

8 out of 10 businesses to start before May

Tonelli at Ascom: “many were already making home deliveries.

Rossi at Confesercenti: “jump towards reopening.”

The catering sector takes another step forward towards phase two. From tomorrow – Ascom Bologna estimates – 80 percent of the activities under the Two Towers and the province will begin to move. The new regional ordinance, in fact, gives the go-ahead to take away.

In practice, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, trattorias, taverns, pubs, bistros, and craft activities (rotisseries, frying shops, ice cream, and pastry shops, takeaway pizza) will be able to start off with takeaway. It’s a step forward compared to home delivery, and at the very least is the only glimmer for continuing to work in the restaurant sector. According to the data of the Chamber of Commerce this concerns 7,193 companies and 25,800 employees in Bologna and the province.

Phase two preparations

Giancarlo Tonelli, director of Ascom Bologna, considers takeaway an important ‘conquest’.

“It is a second step towards restarting. Although it’s under a narrow focus, they can really prepare for phase two. While waiting for the official opening, they can physically raise their shutters, sanitize spaces, and reopen their kitchens,” continues Tonelli.

Home delivery, although two out of three businesses have been equipped to do it, it was not enough to guarantee a return for the sector. Takeaway, however, could change the situation.

“For example, let’s consider bars. There is a great demand for breakfast. People had already prepared themselves for it at home, but this will certainly lead to a big increase,” Tonelli predicts.

Although some rules must be guaranteed: ordering online or by telephone to avoid gatherings and, thus, organize the collection of food in a contingent way to avoid queues. Takeaways will also be possible by car.

Only one customer must be present in the room at a time and the time strictly necessary for the delivery and payment of the goods must remain.

On the same wavelength director of Confesercenti, Loreno Rossi says: “Domestic deliveries were a way to keep a door open, now with the takeaway we will take another step forward to getting ready, then, on May 18th to reopen.”

According to Rossi, a week will be enough to have at least 50 percent of all public businesses active with a takeaway, with an increase, compared to home delivery, of over ten percent.

Better guidelines still needed

If takeaway is considered the starter of phase two, what the trade associations complain about is the lack of a clear ‘menu’ for the official reopening. Without guidelines – from personal safety devices to social distancing – it’s difficult for the premises to equip themselves on time.

“Clear rules are needed, but they must also not be too strict because otherwise, some activities may not be able to reopen at all,” warns Tonelli of Ascom.

More Tax breaks

Fipe-Confcommercio Emilia Romagna, asks that the Region and local administrations provide for a package of indemnities, exemptions and tax discounts on local taxes and duties, in particular Tari and public land, and strong measures to cut red tape for larger dehors to support bars and restaurants.

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