Holidays at the beach & FREE masks

Bolognese book stores reopen & “proximity tourism”

The doors of the fashion houses, automotive and metallurgy sectors could reopen as early as next week. Bonaccorsi: “We work on a series of rules that provide for the possibility of spacing on the beach”

The government is studying Phase 2 of reopening the economy. Work is in progress on the hypothesis of restarting some activities before the end of the lockdown, starting from next week, such as supply chains in which work can be more quickly reorganized in safety. Among the eligible candidates would be the fashion, automotive and metallurgy supply chains. At the moment it’s only a hypothesis and will be evaluated along with health experts.

Summer at the seaside

However, most Italian citizens seemed to be concerned about going to the beach this summer. According to the undersecretary of the Mibact, Lorenza Bonaccorsi, the answer is yes. “We are working on it,” he explained, “from the point of view of the administrative acts necessary, and creating a series of regulations taken with the technical-scientific committee, regarding the possibility of a physical distancing.”

Ulisse Bookstore on via Degli Orti

Ulisse Bookstore on via Degli Orti

Kick-starting tourism

Bonaccorsi then explained that measures are being studied to allow the development of a “proximity tourism” that favours the villages over the more crowded areas. The Undersecretary also spoke of a “phase three by starting to working immediately for the strategic repositioning from the point of view of marketing and communication of our country, which is always at the top for the binomial gastronomy and culture.”

Books stores & masks

Bolognese bookstores have begun to reopen and the local government promise of free mask handouts is on the way to pharmacies. Some, however, are only advertising masks till stocks run out, which in all likelihood will be soon as only 2 million are being delivered to a population of 4.5 million in Emilia Romagna.

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