First news on “Opening the country” begins


  • Artisans first to open

  • Masks and social distancing rules

  • Bars, discos and hairdressers last to reopen

  • Quotas for cinema goers

Having reached a plateau during the coronavirus epidemic, the government is in the planning stages for “opening” the country again. What to reopen and when are the big dilemmas. It will certainly not be a free-for-all, but rather a selective one.

Who goes first?

The only certainty, for now, is that Italy will remain “closed” until Easter. Offices, factories and shops will eventually take place, but only gradually. Experts think that only after on May 4, the Bank Holiday, is it possible to expect a return to some sort of normality. The greatest worry, of course, is the growing concern about a possible resurgence of infections. Hence the idea of gradually reintegrating employees into companies. The governor of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, considers the possibility of letting those who are already immunized by Covid-19 to go back first. “I think we have to make sure that the dam is cemented with respect to the virus then we need to make sure that companies manage to open. A serological test, which we will experiment on, goes in this direction and is aimed precisely at workers, it will be useful for our companies to have the ‘immunized’ license.” The Regional governments could ultimately define the timing and methods of resuming production activities in their own territories.

Which activities will resume first?

The first to raise their shutters will be the artisans with a low influx of customers. Instead, hairdressers, barbers, and beauticians who are used to seeing high numbers of people in their salons, and close together, will have to have more patience before they get back to work. This is to ensure the least possible transmission of the disease. The last to reopen will be bars and restaurants.

Security top concern in companies?

The possibility of reopening for companies will be subject to guaranteeing a high level of safety standards in order to avoid a rerun of high contagion rates. Epidemiologist of the University of Pisa, Pier Luigi Lopalco, stressed the need to “restructure work, factories, and workplaces.” Specifically, it will be necessary to ensure a distance of a couple of meters between one employee and another. Not only that, but it will also be necessary to monitor the adoption of the masks by all employees. More than likely groups most exposed to complications due to contagion such as older workers and those with suppressed immune systems will be postponed for another while.

Bars, restaurants and gyms?

These are the questions most people are asking themselves these days. Covid-19 undermined, first, and then canceled our free time. With appropriate precautions, however, we will get these opportunities back. In the first phase, cinemas will most likely reopen only to a reduced number of spectators, with a view to guaranteeing the safety distance as much as possible. Gatherings in front of the counter must be avoided in bars. Tables must be introduced once again and be placed at least two meters from each other. The same goes for restaurant managers. Measures will also be considered for opening gyms and eventually communicated.

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