Bolognese Eatsapp Thriving in the Corona Era

An online company helping local eateries by using their own staff

Eatsapp logo

Eatsapp logo

Who would have thought that in times of collapse of orders due to the Coronavirus an app to order food online would have maintained a stable economic base. This is the story of, a young food ordering company founded in November under the Two Towers that, unlike its rivals, has chosen to work only with small places that already have their staff, thus saying no to external riders.

NO! to the big chains

Bolognese entrepreneurs 36 years old Marilù Tarantini,  and 35 years old Francesco Frammartino, decided to make the jump into digital business world from their days at university. By explicitly avoiding the big chains, using technology and programming available to those who are now well versed in ‘Smart Working’, their idea has blossomed over the past months. Their platform is dedicated to those smaller more local restaurants, osterias, pizzerias etc. What’s more, EatsApp.It applies a lower percentage respect to the other deliveries – a plus for those smaller businesses who often cannot compete with their bigger competitors.


Marilù: “We take 13% for any type of payment and there’s no entry fee or high percentage required from the premises.”

The very personal touch

Tarantini says the “others charge from 13-18% depending on whether the payment is made by card or cash. Furthermore, we do not ask for an entrance fee from a business, nor even a high percentage to those who work with deliveries.” Indeed, this is precisely why their efforts are now bearing fruit in these days. “Customers are often served by the delivery staff of the premises themselves who make deliveries for a specific place where the delivery guy is fixed and works only for one owner.” Tarantini confirms that this method consolidates trust between the customer (their client) and the customer (of the restaurant). Considering that even the oriental places lost a lot during these weeks with the traditional riders they on the other hand have made up for some losses.  One of their clients for example, Wok Around in via delle Moline, cannot complain, since they are well rooted to their area. Among other customers who have done really well is Sham, Syrian Cuisine in via Fondazza, with the owner’s wife in the kitchen and the husband making the deliveries. Coming from their experiences at PizzaBo, Tarantini and Frammartino, and from their operational base at home, they have launched a technology with interesting features, such as the possibility of changing dishes in a more vertical way, adding but also removing or replacing ingredients to price parity and preparing many gifts, which can be found directly in the customer’s cart. Finally, clients will get an answer in real time, which adds even more trust and reliability to the overall service.

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