1500 free pocket ashtrays for smokers

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New initiative to combat butt-ends in San Pietro in Casale

Every year 4.5 trillion filters end up on paths, parks and green areas, representing one of the biggest polluting factors globally.

To counteract this particularly damaging element for the environment, the Municipality of San Pietro in Casale has provided free of charge to local businesses selling tobacco, 1500 pocket ashtrays that the stores will be able to distribute, at no cost, to customers who sell them.


The initiative was founded within the context of sustainability and preservation of the environment. The council want to try to stem the problem of cigarette butts thrown on the ground. The pocket ashtray is small in size, easy to use and has a clip closure, allowing you to collect the used filters and carry them safely until you have the chance to throw them in the rubbish bin.

There are eight commercial businesses involved in San Pietro in Casale, both in the center and in the surrounding villages. The initiative was welcomed by both citizens and merchants, who appreciated a concrete opportunity to curb a rampant problem. With this gesture the council is not trying to indulge or encourage the consumption of cigarettes. They are simply responding to a common issue everyone agrees is not only a nuisance but pollutes the entire area. Smoking is a subjective choice, but the desire of the Administration is instead to try to eliminate the presence of filters from the territory, preserving the environment.

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