Bologna’s Ever-greener traffic

Hybrid & Electric vehicle numbers  increasing

Enel electric recharging post Via Dante.

Enel electric recharging post Via Dante.

The city has over 1,300 more vehicles, an increase of 32% compared to the previous year.  Hybrid and electric cars are multiplying under the Two Towers, reaching and exceeding 5,700 cars.  Of course, compared to the total number of motors circulating the figure of 2.8% still pales into significance but its still four times the national average, which stops at a paltry 0.7%.

It’s a boom that confirms the virtuosity of the Bolognese car fleet, far less polluting than the national average.  At least according to the snapshot taken on 31 December by the municipal statistics office and released a couple of days ago. Bolognese cars, as the study reports are, “more modern: those circulating in the class below Euro 4 are 35.3% at national level, in Bologna they are 23.4% of the total.” 

5,700 energy saving vehicles in circulation – an increase of 300 units in 12 months

In particular, the Euro 0, which will no longer be able to access the Ztl of the historic centre from 1 January 2020, “is 6.3% compared to 9.5%.”  On the city streets, however, many circulating are of the Euro 5 and Euro 6 (47.3%) compared to the rest of Italian roads (36.3%).  Although they are still the most common type, petrol vehicles continue to fall (from 2005 to today almost one every three have disappeared), while in the same time period diesels have increased by 57%, methane cars more than doubled  and even LPG tripled.

But the virtuosity of the car fleet does not stop at four wheels, since even motorbikes are less polluting than the national figure.  In this case, however, the share of Euro 0 is still significant, since it still includes one motorcycle for every five.  “However,” specifies the Municipality’s report, “the Euro 3 class is already the most numerous in the city and reaches 42.4% and the share of Euro 4 motorcycles is increasing.”

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