Finanza Colonel arrested for prostitution ring

Alessio Costagliola is alleged to have exploited prostitutes

Officers – colleagues of the Colonel – have been investigating Costagliola for months, silently hoping that the alleged crimes were not actually true. However, once they began to gather evidence of stalking and from the wiretaps, they knew they had enough to slap handcuffs on him. The Guardia di Finanza arrested Lieutenant Colonel Alessio Costagliola, commander until recently (and now suspended) of the Second Group of the Fiamme Gialle (Yellow Flames). He is now under house arrest on charges of exploitation and aiding prostitution.

Prostitution ring.

Prostitution ring.

Top Secret Op

Prosecutor Flavio Lazzarini is leading the sensitive investigation, on which the utmost secrecy is in force, while the custody order was signed by judge Alberto Gamberini. Costagliola will soon be able to defend himself at the appropriate moment and possibly respond to the accusations. According to the investigation, the lieutenant colonel would have played a role in the prostitution that took place in his apartment and in which some South American girls were involved, one of who is allegedly a friend. Investigations are still underway while those who physically arrested their colleague from the Finanza office on Viale Masini, try to piece together exactly Costagliola’s role and how he stood to benefit from the whole affair. They are trying to understand the final destination of the flow of money generated by the prostitution activity set up in the Bolognese officer’s apartment. Costagliola is presently residing at his home apartment in Lazio, whilst he is accused of exploitation and aiding prostitution.

Sad Day for his Finanza colleagues

News of the arrest sent shock waves throughout the Finanza offices around the country in particular, the provincial command. On the other hand, the fact that one of their own was placed under investigation and arrested signifies that officers took their duty very seriously. The Regional Command has only added, “the investigations are still underway and that they were started on the initiative of the Finance Police who then conducted them under the direction of the Judicial Authority.” The provincial commander of the Finanza Luca Cervi repeated a similar statement: “The activities are still ongoing, begun on our initiative and conducted by us under the aegis of the Prosecution.”

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