Spy in the sky: comune experiments with Big Brother

Company photo: Eagle Sky Light drone

Company photo: Eagle Sky Light drone

There will be an eye in the sky to watch over the ‘safety’ of Bologna. Drones will be tested for the next six months in various guises. In fact, the city asked for this experiment to begin, and a drone from the Eagle Sky Light company based in Casalecchio has been chosen for the project. Called ‘Aquila 100’, the drone will be used by the municipality, but also by law enforcement agencies, for example, the police to monitor the progress of major events.

Company photo of a drone.

Company photo of a drone.

The City and Prefecture will sign a protocol to coordinate the use of the drone, whose work will be decided from time to time by the Committee for public order and security. The tools are part of the Eagle Sky Light fleet, a company founded in Bologna in 2017, and who have obtained the necessary permissions from ENAC to fly their drones.

Tethered Drone

Aquila 100 is tethered to a cable that reaches up to 100m in height, has a viewing range of 14 kilometres, and is able to work both day and night for 14 hours, even through adverse weather conditions. The first taste of Aquila 100 capabilities included Pope Francis’ visit to the city last October, but it was also used during the last Bologna-Inter match.

Eagle Sky Light has temporarily loaned the drone to the Municipality completely free of charge. At the end of the six months, then, if the expected results have been achieved, the administration will evaluate if and how to continue this experience. Councilor for Security Alberto Aitini admitted:

“We have never hidden the idea of using technology to improve the safety of citizens. We will put the drone at the disposal of all law enforcement agencies, signing a protocol to indicate the guide on its use. Our goal is to increase the real and perceived security of all our citizens.”


Website for more info: www.eagleskylight.it

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