More police officers heading for Bologna

Viminale announces: “They will be operational by February.”

Carabinieri numbers will also be increased

Police officers on 'the beat' in Piazza Maggiore

Police officers on ‘the beat’ in Piazza Maggiore

21 more police officers to be exact will soon arrive in the city and province. The announcement was made at the Viminale with an official note in which it further explains that by next February 174 new police officers in total will be operating in Emilia Romagna. Of these, 16 will be stationed at the Questura in Bologna, while the other five will be dispersed throughout the territory.

There are currently 5,572 police officers serving in the region, of which 291 are technicians. Plus, there are another 5,873 members of the Arma dei Carabinieri and 2,716 Guardia di Finanza.

In November, 215 new carabinieri will also be sent to the region.

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini adds “My goal is to increase the number of personnel in all the Italian police stations.” He continues: “In the budget that we will present shortly there will be an extraordinary recruitment plan for about 8,000 women and men in uniform. We want to move from words to deeds. We want to counteract the delinquency on the streets,” concludes Salvini.

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