NewFaustianWorld. The new book by Raffaele Quattrone

Raffaele Quattrone

Raffaele Quattrone

In a world where the destiny of man seems resigned to have disappeared, Raffaele Quattrone, a contemporary art curator based in Bologna, involves Glenn Brown, Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Andrea Chiesi, Tiffany Chung, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, Alberto di Fabio, Kepa Garraza, NS Harsha, Songsong Li, Alessandro Moreschini, Mauro Pipani, Imran Qureshi, Terry Rodgers, Raqib Shaw, Philip Taaffe, Josep Tornero, Jan Worst… 17 international artists with a Faustic Factor: a strong and recognizable artistic identity and an exasperated virtuosity that allows them to compete with the infinite possibilities of the computer, with the precision of photographic evidence, with the reactions and relationships of video and performances. NewFaustianWorld is the world of people like Goethe’s Faust, emblem of modern man, has an inner tension that pushes him not to settle for the norm but to make his own philosophy about how life is extraordinary, to go further, achieve new goals, to accept new challenges…

Alberto Di Fabio, Danza dell'Anima

Alberto Di Fabio, Danza dell’Anima

Alessandro Moreschini, Stars and Stripes

Alessandro Moreschini, Stars and Stripes Arabesque

This is the theme of his new book that will be published by 24 Ore Cultura – Gruppo IlSole24Ore next November and presented in Bastia, France at Musée de Bastia on November, 13, in Rome at MACRO, Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Roma on November, 17 and Real Academia de España en Roma on November, 19.

Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Menina do Rio

Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Menina do Rio

In addition to the book, the project also found its form in a movie produced by Theater 7/2 Productions. NewFaustian World – the film directed by Piero Passaro is an audiovisual product that tells the curatorial project of Raffaele Quattrone with a hybrid visual language between documentary and film fiction. “The documentary realized for the project by Raffaele was a willingness to adhere to different levels of contemporaneity; in addition to the one proposed by the project through the style of the artists, also visually I wanted to create a video that was not only visually adherent to the description of the individual artists and their work but also contained a feature of “decomposable”, i.e. the possibility to do so also in parts, independent of each other, so as to make it appear in line with today’s ubiquitous serial languages” said Passaro. In each presentation of the book it will be shown the movie but in addition, it will be shown in Italian and International film festival like 6 on Nebraska, Cape Town on November, 2 and Retro Avant Garde Film Festival, Venice on December, 9.

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