NO MORE supermarkets in Cyrenaica


Cirenaica market

East Bologna Against Cement and for Oxygen (B.E.C.C.O) has come out fighting new proposals for commercial premises in the former Atc area of Via Libia.

Residents and activists of the Cirenaica district of Bologna, in the San Vitale area created the committee called East Bologna Against Cement and for Oxygen, precisely to put a stop to more supermarkets in the area. They collected 641 signatures for those opposed to the construction of a supermarket next to the Via Libia bridge in the former ATC area.

Becco also lobbied Mayor Merola, and requested an update on the impact assessment of traffic that this new structure would bring to the area. A previous one filed by the property owner of dates back to three years ago.

Initiatives and the collection of signatures continued to gain traction especially on social media platforms. The Committee even published a video of interviews online in support of their actions: “Supermercato Cirenaica” by Becco, Smk Videofactory and Vag61.

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