Left coalition seeks to reinvent itself in #my2cents

After disastrous elections PD reaches out

Former PD senator Sergio Lo Giudice

Former PD senator Sergio Lo Giudice

Led by former senator Sergio Lo Giudice, the PD has simply had enough of division and in-house bickering, which many obviously point out helped cause their near-annihilation election after election. On their dedicated Facebook page ‘Retedems’, are encouraging a more grass roots perspective – aka the Movimento 5 Stella:

“A platform for thoughts and actions set within the PD in order to expand into every sphere of participation and civic activism.”

They want your two cents worth of energy

Roberta Li Calzi (Chairperson), Antonio Mumolo (Avvocato di Strada).

Launching their initiative with an English saying, the dems on the left side of the political spectrum are reaching out to the wider public in an attempt to reunite their flock. Lo Giudice grabbed some press headlines with the title: “Now, we need more of the left.” It’s an apparent reference to the country having moved to the right either through choice or as a protest vote. Thus Lo Giudice has been calling for unity among the leftists in order to stem the blood letting that in particular the PD has been experiencing of late.

Town Hall meeting

Full house at #my2cents

Full house at #my2cents

In the sala dell’Angelo next to Porta San Mamolo Sergio Lo Giudice lay down their first challenge and by all accounts they succeeded. Approximately, 150 people showed up – filling the hall – and each one was at least given the floor for 5minutes to air the grievances. There were many councillors and city officials in attendance including: Claudio Mazzanti, Matteo Lepore, Daniele Ara, Roberta Li Calzi (Chairperson), Andrea Colombo, Civic Coalition and Leu leaders, associations Arcigay and Piazza Grande, the CGIL and intellectuals like Luca Alessandrini, Antonio Mumolo (Avvocato di Strada).

Lo Giudice added further that, “Left-wing people have spoken little recently,” and indicated that it was now or never “to throw in your coin. I do not like the center-left word,” the former senator reiterated, “I prefer the left, which is the reformist, Catholic and liberal view.”

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