Dozza prison guards fed ‘indecent’ food

Dozza Carcere public carpark.

Their trade union have made a formal complaint against the company, contracted to provide the guards canteen saying that, “Inmates eat better.”

There are miserable rations, poor quality food and lacking hygiene of the premises. These are the main reasons for which the guards held an optional abstention from going to the canteen.

“We would be content to eat the same food that prisoners receive, which is certainly far better,” according to their union, adding, “we request an immediate intervention by management and the regional prosecutor for prison administration to ask the contractor to comply with our specifications.”

In fact, their trade union specifies that the problem of hygiene in the cafeteria at Dozza has long been known, and now in addition, the fact that the quantity and quality of food are scarce it just makes the situation all the more untenable. “The rations,” they complain, “are so poor that the last ones that show up in the canteen run the risk of having to settle for what is left over or to resume their work shift on an empty stomach.”

Another problem the prison police officers raise is the fact that “on the evening shift we eat packaged food in the morning, since for that time slot there is only one person who is on kitchen duty, including acting as dishwasher and preparing meals, as well as having to worry about cleaning the premises afterwards.”

For these reasons the penitentiary police union write that their personnel in Dozza “are on a war footing with the service contractor” further citing, that the main cause of the problem is due to the fact that the tender “was made on the downside, with the result of creating discontent and difficulty in all Italian prisons.”

As they wait in an improvement in their situation, they will probably avoid attending the canteen for more days and in all likelihood without giving advanced notice of their impending ‘strike’.

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