Over 3,000 new babies in 2017

Foreign baby numbers up

Average age of parents rises toonewborn-1

To be exact 3,095 neo-Bolognese came into the world in 2017. Many were born to couples over 30, which confirm the trend of the last ten years that show an increase in new-borns to foreign parents and those outside of marriage. This is the big picture drawn up by the Statistical Office of the Municipality of Bologna regarding births last year.

In short, it also confirms the capital of Emilia with a higher birth rate in both the regional average and to national figure as estimated by Istat. The number of children born in 2017 was 3,095 for every 1,000 residents. A statistic not seen since the late seventies. This result is clearly down to the number of immigrants in Bologna without whose contribution the number of new-borns has been declining for some years. In 2017, Istat shows 1,211 (39.1%) children with at least one foreign parent; 854 of which do not have Italian citizenship (27.6% of the total); 357 (11.5%) were born to mixed couples.

Passing from nationality to marital status, though captures another interesting fact. Over a third of the children (1,168 or 37.7%) were born outside of marriage. However, these are children of stable couples, illustrated by the fact 92.6% of them were recognized by both parents.

It’s indicative of a changing society. The same can be said of the average age of mothers and fathers, which continues to rise. In 2017, at the time of delivery, mothers had an average of 33.5 years, almost three years more than in 1991; 37 years for fathers (against 33.8 of 1991). Moreover, compared to 1991, twins more than doubled, from 20 to 42 (1.9% of the total). The causes for these figures are due to an increase in the average age of the parents and the increasingly frequent use of assisted fertilization with the implantation of several embryos.

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