Autostazione Restyling Project gets a kick start

Rendering of the front parking area and access to Montagnola Park.

Rendering of the front parking area and Via Indipendenza.

The project is ready but the completion date has been extended due to bureaucracy on landscape restrictions. The funds set aside in the 2018 budget amount to €545,000 for the work, plus €12,000 for legal support and €35,000 for furnishings.

Shareholders meeting

In the meantime, the most urgent interventions will begin such as construction of new public toilets. The current facilities are obsolete and no longer suitable, hence why the company managing the structure decided to begin work from the most comprehensive renovation part of the project. The decision is illustrated in the report prepared by the Board of Directors in view of the shareholders’ meeting recently.

Last November, the chairman of the Board of Directors, David Pierinelli, explained that by the end of 2017 the call for the renewal of offices, a waiting room, meeting room and storage and sales area and toilets would be due, with the aim to complete the work by the middle of 2018.


Regarding the timing though, there has evidently been a hold up, but the main Bus Station (Autostazione) management team confirms that it does not want to wait until the overall restructuring to commence (as it’s not programmed to start before the end of 2019). In fact, the report takes into account the decision to remove the aforementioned interventions by providing for the “procedure to be launched at the beginning of April with tenders by the end of May and commencement of work at the end of July.”

The delivery times “should be about 90 days except for unforeseen events,” writes the Board of Directors, adding that “the project has already begun and the times have been extended due to the waiting days for possible landscape constraints.” The total budget for 2018 budget amounts to €592,000 which just includes the work, legal support and furnishings.

Cost estimates

The most significant chapter of the 2018 investment plan, which totalled €757,106 relates to other items including the redevelopment of the parking area signage €39,000 and a study to renovate the parking paving basement; the creation of a new parking system €13,500 and renovation of the bus station as a whole €28,000; participation in Mipim 2018 €11,000; a new IT system €51,800 and a new website €8,500.

Security issues

Rendering of access to Montagnola Park.

Rendering of access to Montagnola Park.

On the other hand, with regard to global redevelopment, “indicatively and with the exception of unforeseen circumstances, the updated completion period could be redefined as such:” says the report: design announcement in July and present the winner in December; project delivery in March 2019; service conference in April 2019; publication of the call for works in May of the same year and present winner in November. Previously, the Autostazione had estimated to start the works in the first part of 2019. In the report there is also space for the security issue given that the location of the structure means they have to deal with “drug pushers, vagabonds and thefts,” writes the board.

In this regard, they confirmed the decision to acquire a video surveillance system not only for the parking area but for the entire building, which will be connected “directly to the municipal video surveillance system and with the police stations, as suggested by the prefect.” Meanwhile, in-depth investigations will continue with the prefect, “to certify officers to ensure further control measures both in terms of traffic and compliance with regulations in open environments to the public.”

2018 budget

Finally, there is also the proposal in the budget to transform employment contracts of full time employees. The 2018 Autostazione budget received favorable agreement from the Municipality Council, which holds 66.89% of its shares. In the Palazzo D’Accursio resolution, it should be noted that the operating profit for 2018 is approximately €2,800. Revenues amounted to approximately €2.1 million, with a 0.31% decrease compared to the 2017 preliminary result, “mainly due to the drop in parking revenues for the 50 parking spaces lost due to the automation of the garage; the most significant figures are represented rent revenues of premises for about €270,000, toll revenues €814,000, advertising for about €33,000, tourist buses totalling €69,000, parking revenues €854,000 and from the revenues obtained from the toilet services for about €89,000.”

“Operating costs, however, amounted to approximately €1.1 million” net of the reimbursements from condominium rates and insurance claims, with an increase of 7% compared to the preliminary 2017 due to higher expenses for third-party services equal to about €594,000. “In this case, among the most significant items are those related to legal costs and technical support services for restructuring, for work mentioned above and the new video surveillance, waste tax €75,000; utilities €146,000, cleaning €112,000, maintenance €124,000, insurance €30,000.”

Autostazione Redevelopment Project:

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