Falling concrete from Garisenda misses tourists

Garisenda Tower

Garisenda Tower

Fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident and as soon as the municipal police were warned they immediately cordoned off the area under the Two Towers.

The fragment of concrete fell from Garisenda Tower shortly after 3pm. A passerby saw the piece of wall suddenly drop from above and rasied the alarm. A police spokesperson admitted that “with crowds of tourists these days for the Easter holidays, it was very lucky nobody was seriously injured.” The piece of concrete, a few centimetres in length, may have fallen from the Garisenda although on initial analysis it’s thought that it may not actually be part of the tower.

The hypothesis is that it could be a remnant of a consolidation work or materials left in one of the many holes that sprinkle both towers, or perhaps it fell by pigeons nestled in one of the holes. Workers sent up in a mobile lift began assessing where it may have fallen from and also removed grass growing in some of the cracks. Fire fighters were also called to the scene and likewise carefully checked Garisenda to identify whether there were other unsafe or potentially dangerous pieces of stone and mason. Asinelli Tower on the other hand was not affected and remained opened as usual.


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