‘Cyclists become journalists’…eh?

Spelling blunder on cyclist counter at Porta San Vitale

giornaleri_2Almost 2,200 cyclists use the bicycle route around the Viale. And to certify it the first totem counters ‘contabici’, was planted for a few weeks at Porta San Vitale. It’s a black column, positioned at the side of the cycle path between the two lanes split open by Via Masserenti passing over to Via San Vitale. It displays in real time the number of two-wheeled users passing by it every day.giornaleri_1

The counter is a pretty useful instrument but only a few sharp eyed cyclists zooming by managed to observe the spelling blunder in ‘giornaleri’. It’s missing an ‘i’ therefore leading people to wonder why do ‘cyclists become journalists’! Spelling hiccups aside, the totem will provide fundamental information on the real use of an infrastructure strongly desired by the former Councillor for Traffic, Andrea Colombo, and in which the City has invested several million euros.

Palazzo d’Accursio purchased it from the company ‘Eco-Contatore Italia’, the Italian branch of the French ‘Eco-Compteur’, a company specialized in these particular appliances. The system works thanks to a series of electromagnetic sensors ‘hidden’ in the ground, which are able to activate on passing bicycles and update in real time the number of cyclists using the cycle path. The first data collected between 8 and 16 January shows an average of 2,200 users on weekdays and around 1,250 on weekends. A council spokesperson reported that the “Data testifies to an important use of the bike lane, especially taking into account that we are in the coldest season.”

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