Castel Maggiore gets the thumbs-up for new cycle lane

bikecity5Bologna comune overwhelming lent their support for a new project that would see 4.5km of new bicycle track from the city center until Castel Maggiore. The comune promises “a logical and strategic plan for connecting the main functioning hubs such as the university areas, the Tecnopolo and the fiera district,” with the objective to boost “the bike inter-modality plus train in the stations of the metropolitan railway service. Specifically, the connection between Bologna and Castel Maggiore is planned, the adaptation of the routes on Via Stalingrado from Porta Mascarella to Via della Liberazione, the completion of the sections on Via Zanardi from Via Bovi Campeggi to Via de’Carraci and the realization of tracks to ensure that the new route reaches Bolognina.

The cycle path, worth €1,290 million will be financed with €500,000 from the coffers of the municipality and €790,000 derived from the regional funds PorFesr 2014-2020. The approval of the executive project and the start of the tender will have to wait though for the planning of technical-economic feasibility plan. The completion for the whole project is December 2020.

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