Piazza Aldrovandi clocks up 4,000 fines for unauthorized access

Over a quarter of penalties occurred at night


Traffic heading towards Strada Maggiore

There are already more than 4,000 fines for unauthorized car/motorbike access in Piazza Aldrovandi, of which over 1,100 incursions happened during the late hours of the local nightlife. This figure is still only partial because the count stopped on 25 September (for subsequent data acquisition servicing).

Of those 4,061 registered sanctions, 1,163 in the time slot between 2200-0700 Councillor for Security in Palazzo D’Accursio Riccardo Malagoli raised the issue with PD Group leader Claudio Mazzanti.

Mazzanti recorded “numerous reports from resident citizens” in Piazzas Aldrovandi and San Francesco. They took place “especially in the late evening hours” and with “continuous access and unauthorized parking, despite the numerous bans present and electronically controlled zones.”


Tele camera near the top of Piazza Aldrovandi

In his response, Malagoli specified that there are “specific municipal police control services during evening and also at night time” in both recently redeveloped and socially repopulated piazzas. “There are also plans to patrol the areas in the context of ordinary service activities, consistent with the different needs and priorities of interventions.”

All of this produced 198 prohibited parking fines in Piazza San Francesco, 49 of which occur between 2200-0700. On the other hand, seven motorists were fined for breaking driving bans, just two of them at night. However, there is still no data regarding penalties for access to the pedestrian area of the squares “because the process of examination and evaluation of the first photographic detections of infringements” is still not defined, as the surveillance camera has only recently begun to operate.

Instead the cameras have registered a lot of fines in Piazza Aldrovandi, where penalties for prohibited driving hit twenty instead (two at night). 110 unauthorized parking tickets were imposed, of which 19 occurred during the 2200-0700 time slot.

“As you can see,” said Malagoli, “there is an important activity comparing these two places, in addition to the fact that in Piazza San Francesco we have also implemented a series of other checks concerning stationing personnel. Therefore we have a constant presence of Municipal Police in these two areas. Of course we hope that with this activity people will stop making public squares like their own home or garage, so we will continue to keep watch on them.”


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