Morandi Museum committee sues the Comune

photoThe lawyer representing the committee who are overseeing the restoration of the museum at Palazzo di Accursio has filed a suit against the municipality. The case is demanding that the works of Giorgio Morandi be returned to Palazzo di Accursio. The organisation ‘Ape-Confedilizia’ does not accept the decision to leave Morandi’s works at Mambo.

The lawyer appointed by the Morandi committee at Palazzo D’Accursio, Giovanni Govi, filed a lawsuit at the College of Notaries in Bologna with a conciliation attempt (which is mandatory) addressed to the municipality: “This is concerned with the request to fulfil the will expressed by Maria Teresa Morandi about the relocation of art works to Palazzo D’Accursio. Formally, therefore, this begins the litigation for the protection of the provisions contained in the donation and in the testament of the citizen concerned.”

The wish expressed by Govi is that “the municipal administration will be present at the mediation attempt with the awareness of the importance of the office and of the subject matter in dispute. This is a mandatory procedure foreseen by our order for resolving any litigation and obviously requires the participation of the party henceforth called upon…especially in the case of public administration.”

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