Emilia Romagna’s insatiable appetite for tinkering in backyards

Schermata 2015-12-02 alle 17.31.06A recent article in Il Sole24, by Paolo Bricco, proudly boasts of those great inventors/innovators who labour for years in obscure garden sheds and garages to produce the nation’s best.

Entitled: ‘From Stem Cells to New Plastics: A Journey Through the Land of Inventors,’ the story revolves around the men and women who tinker away with  limited resources but unlimited enthusiasm to drive progress in areas such as plastics, bio-engineering, mechanics and electronics to name but a few.

Apparently, the little town of Mirandola with just over 20,000 inhabitants practically  leads the globe in medical devices and attracts top talent the world over in that sector.Schermata 2015-12-02 alle 17.36.46

In fact, the surprising element in all of this is that few people seem to realize the enormous productivity on a global scale happening right on our doorstep.

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In Varano de Melegari, Parma, there’s the Dallara company supplying cars to the IndyCar Series in the USA. While literally down the street, is Vislab who are giving Google car a run for their money.

Emilia Romagna is producing billions of euros worth for international companies worldwide. And in many of these cases the practice of R&D seems to go hand in hand with ‘old’ traditional methods of   working in village like conditions.

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The article ends with the interesting conclusion that “…business and innovation thrive together here…”

Capitalism therefore, does not have to be so American after all. Emilia Romagna is proving to be a ‘Silicon Valley’ with a strong culture driving successful ventures around the world.

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