Bologna takes bronze in race for crime hot spot

illustration of a ribboned bronze medal with laurel wreath and number, eps10The statistics divulged via the Department for Public Security of the Interior Ministry, reveal startling insights about crime rates across the region.

In research carried out by Il Sole 24 Ore, Bologna rose up to sixth overall for general crime reported in 2014: 6,207 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Ravenna Province jumps to number one for burglary, rising 20.5%.

Rimini and Bologna report the second and third highest number of crimes.

The rankings for other cities throughout Emilia-Romagna are as follows: Ravenna 6th, Modena 16th, Parma 17th, Reggio Emilia 20th, Ferrara 22nd, Forlì -Cesena 26th, and Piacenza 33rd.average crime stats

Overall, last year the police recorded about 2.8 million crimes with an average of 7,700 cases a day whereas, in 2013 (-2.74%) there was a peak of almost 2.9 million.

city place rankingsThe stats are calculated on the number of crimes per 100,000 of population: 4,600 is the national average. At the top is Milan with 8,088, having registered 258,559 cases overall (-2.4%). Rimini recorded 7,945, with a total of 26,631 crimes. It must be noted however, that Rimini is inadvertently penalized due to the influx of tourism in the summer months. Nevertheless, its crime rate is slightly down (-0.4%). Bologna is 3rd on the podium with 7,420 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 74,524 in total 28-.8%). In 6th place is Ravenna with 6207 incidents and 24,330 in total (-0.1%).

At 16th place Modena recorded 5,135 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 36,067 total (-2.7%), Parma in 17th with a margin of 5,112 and 22,768 cases overall (-3.9%), Reggio Emilia 20th with 4,910 and 26,184 (+ 3.6%), Ferrara 22nd with 4,763 and 16,865 (-0.6%). Forlì-Cesena are in 26th place with 4,634 and 18,347 (-1%) and finally Piacenza sits at 33rd with 4,451 and 12,819 (-5.9%).

Across the various provinces the Emilia-Romagna region is where the pressure of crime is felt more: 5,800 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and 258,740 in overall terms (-1.7%); 159,327 of these related to theft with an increase of +3.2%; the national level stands at 1.2%.

Thefts, pickpocketing & burglaries

Rimini stands out among all the Italian provinces in the overall rankings with 5,468 complaints of thefts per 100,000 inhabitants (3.9%); Bologna is 3rd with 5,612 (+ 1.4%) and Ravenna is 5th 3,882 (+ 5.5%). In burglary, the top spot goes to Ravenna with 839 (+20.5%). In pick pocketing, again, Rimini is 1st with 1,006 (+ 6.5%) and Bologna is 2nd with 916 (+ 5.7%). There are provinces of Emilia-Romagna in the top five of rankings for car theft, muggings and robberies. Finally, Bologna appears in 4th place for extortion per 100,000 population (23) and 3rd in scams and computer fraud (299): in the former there was an incredible increase in scamming + 74.6% (+ 19.4% compared to the national average) while in the second there was a -10.2%).

Loreno Rossi_31.12.15City delinquents have free run in city

Conferscenti Director hits out at lack of security

Director Loreno Rossi criticized the local giunta’s inept regulations to force bars and pubs to close before midnight on New Year’s Eve. “Less people in town leads to less security, which means there will be more criminal activity.” He continued by dredging up the ever constant acts of violence and sabotage against businesses: “Since there will be less people around to see or hear what’s going on, the level of micro-criminality always increases during these quiet times.

A spokesperson for the comune, however, said that they are doing everything they can with the resources they have at their disposal.

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