Saida-Bologna is a city full of art and culture with many monuments and beautiful churches. There’s building momentum too in global recognition for its popularity in satisfying food critics the world over. It’s also the only city where you can walk under 40km of porticoes and not get wet on a rainy day!


Sara-there’s only one reason to visit Bologna and that’s to see Vasco Rossi in concert at Il Stadio. Bologna offers a great venue for every type of music event or concert while of course always promoting Italy’s best live performers!

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Michael-It has the greatest  potential of all Italian cities to be a futuristic and progressive city due to its geographical position and huge resources in manufacturing, industry and people skills, but mostly from its untapped tourist appeal.


Francesca-The Bolognesi are like salami: beautiful looking on the outside and scrumptiously appetizing on the inside!


Olivia-Life in an open air museum. Just about any trip into town may result in a trip to a beautiful palazzo, affreschi, statues and fountains to boot, that was built in the 1600s and is still going strong.


Fabrizio-It’s difficult to know where to start: the city centre with all its historical buildings; maybe the suburbs with its beautiful landscape, the traditional food, bars, osterie, pubs, the nightlife or its all these.


Kate-The great thing about Bologna is cycling. You can get anywhere in the centre in a few minutes and keep fit at the same time. I cycle all year round, it keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter and costs nothing.


Luciano-No other city has so many official names: “The learned one”, “The fat one”, “The red one”; meaning that Bologna has so many characteristics it’s hard to describe her exactly.


Stefania-It’s one of the most lively Italian cities, with a wide selection of activities to do and places to go for every taste and age, all of the them in the city centre, and with people coming to live here from every part of Italy and Europe, you will never get bored here!


Daina-There’s a a very active cultural scene here with  many modern and classic concerts,  theater and art organizations.  Asinelli Tower is my favourite place. After  climbing 498 steps the view over Bologna is just incredible!


Johanna-When planting roots for an Italian adventure Bologna is perfect because of its manageable size. It offers so much more than a portico-covered walk to a mouthwatering plate of homemade tortellini, lasagne, tagliatelle etc etc. The Bolognesi are the real reason I keep returning.


Mark-You never have to be ‘grown up’ as there’s a great mix of people. It’s also easy to get around on foot.


Serena-The beauty is in the hills, arcades, nitelife, youth, foreign studenti; it’s unique. Bologna is near the sea and the mountains. It has a strategic position which I truly love.


Armin-You’ll fall in love with Bologna faster than you think. It has a lot to offer; a young night life to the amazing 7 churches. It’s surely the most beautiful city in the country stop.


Laura-Bologna is a city with personality. It welcomes you with a fabulous hospitality. The arcades embrace you like hugs. It’s also important for its history, colors, smells, energy and its food. Its magic will have you coming back for more.


Roxy-Bologna has always something to surprise you with: ancient colorful narrow streets, multicultural environment or simply discovering a new cafe or restaurant. Art comes in various shapes while nature is everywhere together with its hills and natural parks. Truly unforgettable.


Joya-Piazza S. Stefano is a gem because it’s like you are in another world, not to mention the amazing seven beautiful churches.  The piazza is a great place to sit outside and enjoy a cappuccino or aperitivo while people watching and dreaming about the dolce vita.


Sam-Bologna is magic just like Magic Sam! It’s full of life and spunky students who give this place a lively reputation for the bars and nightclubs.  Most of all, it’s a student city.


Elisa-It’s great for a walk, relaxing under the Towers, or just mingling with a glass of red wine under the arcades. It’s easy to lose yourself among crowds of students and tourists from all over the world.


Liam-Bologna has it all, easy access to countryside, magical feasts in the city centre and romantic, traditional Italian culture. Aperitivo on the odd evening can be more than just a drink, sampling local produce in amazing surroundings. For me, Bologna is the real Italy.


Chrys-Bologna may be an old city but it has a great magnetism for all. There’s a diverse, multi-cultural youth here. It’s a learning center as well as for fun.


Selena-Living in a small city is less stressful and chaotic. Although Bologna is full of events. The city’s historical structures and monuments, but especially its RED colour make me simile all the time. Gayanne-Bologna is a compact city full of life and potential. It offers a lot activities and entertainment for people of different ages and cultures whilst the nearby mountains even offer a chance to ski. But every woman’s dream is to visit the city’s most fashionable and expensive shopping mall.


Roberto-Right under Le Due Torri there’s a great selection of places to enjoy a glass of wine, bubbly or even the many organic wines on offer.


Antonella-In Bologna you never feel alone. It allows you to move around it for a leisurely bike ride or casual walk, to meet friends and acquaintances, to chat and feel an active part of an international community at the same time.


Giulia-You can watch amazing sunsets from the top of the hills, have dinner in one of the many fabulous traditional restaurants and discover unknown art spots –  these are only some of the great things that you can do in Bologna that will make you love it!


Marco-Bologna boasts an incredible atmosphere and culture. It’s a vibrant student city so there is always something to do both day and night. and you also meet all types of people from all over the world.


Shideh-It’s a fascinating city to lose yourself in as you’ll soon discover Bologna reveals her great wealth of treasures. She’s both entertaining and amazing.

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