“City of gusto” prepares itself for Expo 2015

The two mayors of Bologna  and Milan – Merola and Pisapia – got together last year to confirm their commitment in sharing the spoils from Expo 2015. Hence, Bologna grabbed the end of the opportunity stick to promote itself as the brand City of Food (*Source: Bologna Today, 8.8.14)

During the event both mayors exposed their taste buds to ‘Food from around the world’.

The goal of course is to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of Bologna.

“EXPO 2015 is a unique opportunity for our country” says Matteo Lepore,  Councilor for Economic & Tourism Development

The agreement hammered out by the two cities provides the inclusion of Bologna in the Promotional Product Club circuit called “City of Good Taste” – a promo-commercial tool aimed at the identification and promotion of Italian destinations that are characterized by strong identities linked to food and wine and which form part of the Expo 2015.

By adhering to the “City of Good Taste” Bologna will have the opportunity to enhance its tourism by promoting and giving visibility to products and local specialties more or less known internationally, offering unique tourist motivations and experiences related to wine.

Italian cities have a unique opportunity to interpret the topic “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” defining it according to local culinary excellence. This is to promote, enhance and renew the excellence of taste and flavors as well as staying in tune with the theme of Expo 2015.

“Food and wine is one of the main strengths of Italian tourism.”

In fact, the origins of the ‘City of Food’ relate to an adventurous project to promote a cultural and scientific food nirvana between ‘the City of Bologna, CAAB, BolognaWelcome, Fondazione Alma Mater-University of Bologna, Marino Golinelli Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, BolognaFiere’    

“Bologna has experienced an explosion in new pubs and cafe bars since the beginning of 2014.”


However, with all the focus on the food industry it seems the drinks industry is being left behind. Recently, Bologna has experienced an explosion in new pubs and cafe bars since the beginning of 2014. In addition, the city is host to one of the world’s best cocktail baristas, Michellin chefs, and home to many other enthusiastic personnel who strive to make La Grassa a city of excellence**. Let’s not forget their effort too.

(**Source: Phillips, Michael, Bologna Bars & Restaurants Guide, 2015)

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