BIG BROTHER is watching you… park


Andrea Colombo

In another swipe at motorcyclists who already face a mission impossible-like job to find a parking space of only 210x105cm in the center, the comune seems to have a new legal policy of photographing motorbikes. This information is then stored on databanks for future use.*

Transport Minister Colombo says, “In this way, we can also checks the effectiveness of the Tper staff.”

Some users took to Facebook to announce their horror at this new practice. One user Paolo commented, “This is fascism! Where’s our privacy?”

Other comments were aimed at the vigili manning a daily check point at the corner of Via Castiglione and Via Caprarie with one user having been warned severely not to park over the yellow line (seen below in photo) at Piazza Mercanzia.

“It’s absolutely crazy trying to park and when you do, they look for any  excuse to hand out a fine now,” wrote a Facebook user.

In a denial aimed at silencing critics and placating privacy concerns for recording individual license plates, Colombo states, “The last three digits are usually cut-off”.

The checks are supposedly to end one of these days as they have already recorded one month’s of data. “In fact, they are connected to the number of controls and not to issue fines… “The controls are being used to evaluate changes to the scooter parking areas around the Bobo road works.”

(*Source: Il Resto del Carlino, 27.2.15)

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