50 shades of green at Expo

As if it couldn’t get any greener, Ireland is now being lauded as an exemplary country for the promotion and consumption of local produce.images

The spot light is being shone on the Irish for their gargantuan efforts to limit the environmental impact of the food industry, as mentioned in a local article: “Irlanda, un’idea a chilometri zero “Prodotti ecosostenibili per l’Expo.”* Who would have thought that in a country where non c’è niente come la cucina della mamma this little island was bringing ingredients to the dinner table.

“The mixed produce from our soil and seas tell the story of our life,” says Claire Farrel, Marketing Director

On closer examination though, and to be fair to the Irish – those sunny-wet climes can guarantee a host of delicious products over rolling hillsides, windy green pastures, and even in the cold, rough waters of the Atlantic.

The marketing director Claire Farrel of Bord Bia is aiming to show the best of Ireland to the world’s audience in a couple of months time.

The exhibit will take place under the concept ‘Green Origins’ since the country boasts a rich source of natural elements, love of the land, environmental awareness and genuine efforts to increase food sustainability.

The Italians are of course no stranger to Irish produce since Irish meat and salmon are sold in supermarkets across Italy. Not forgetting too, Irish beer and whiskey have had their supporters in this nation for some time already.

The real issue though, is whether the Bolognese are in fact organizing anything for the huge Expo bash ahead (see article below). It would be a great pity not to steal a few tourists away from the Milanese business hub to enjoy a moment in La Grassa. After all, there’s plenty of Ireland’s best talent all over Bologna!

(*Source: Il Resto del Carlino, 25.2.15).


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