Regional Govt to distribute free masks

ER: 3million masks for anyone who wants one, not obligatory

Bonaccini: “We would encourage their use”

Three million masks, free of charge, will be distributed this week by the Emilia Romagna Region to any citizen who wants one. Of these, one million is being allocated for the commercial sector, to ensure compliance with strict safety requirements once steps are taken to gradually reopen some economic sectors.

No obligation to wear them

Stefano Bonaccini wants to encourage their use as much as possible saying, “the use of personal protective equipment especially, in closed environments with essential services and sales outlets, such as in the food sector, whose activity has not been suspended.” To overcome the difficulties of those who cannot find them, the Regional government is ready to kick things off with this first supply.

There is no obligation to wear them, reports commissioner for the health emergency, Sergio Venturi, but they are still evaluating the process.

“It may be that in the post corona period, there may be an indication to use masks, as some private individuals have already done.”

Venturi adds that the obligatory nature of masks could not be proposed in the absence of guaranteed sources, which were until recently, very difficult to find. But now they have committed resources to it, as other Regions have done, to provide the means of protection for citizens. It remains unknown what will occur for the post-lockdown.

“I think it is a topic that is being discussed in the Emilia-Romagna Region with experts as well and we will evaluate what to do next,” says the commissioner.

When and how will they be distributed

Starting from Wednesday, the masks will be distributed to the Municipalities through the COC regional civil protection network, the Municipal Operational Centers. Municipalities will, therefore, make them available through a process they deem most effective and which can also pass through pharmacies and para-pharmacies or points such as newsagents and tobacconists.

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