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Orione Cinema

Orione Cinema

Free cinema, “as long as you stay at home”. This is Orione cinema’s answer to the virus crisis keeping everyone away. They don’t want you to give up attending their cinema so from today and on weekends until reopening again, they will propose titles to watch by connecting to their site. The first movie will begin at 16.00 (with a reshow at 21.00) with “Le grand bal” by Laetitia Carton. It’s a documentary shown at the 2018 Cannes festival and celebrates the dance festival that has been held in the heart of France, in Gennetines for almost thirty years. Thousands of strangers attend the festival to dance every summer. At 18.00 it’s the turn of “Les ogres”, a film from 2017 by Léa Fehner, about the theatre company Davaï Theìâtre who travel from city to city staging Chekhov. “The initiative is called ‘Dischiuso’,” explains manager Enzo Setteducati, “and the name says a lot about the spirit from which it’s born. We want to give continuity to our work and that of our partners, so we thought of a shared experience online. We will cover the costs of distribution and will offer free viewing to at least 200 people at the same time. As a theme, we are aiming to show films that can enhance the sense of community. Next weekend we will start on Friday and present works from the Spanish Independent Film Festival.”  To access the online screenings, supported by Alfasigma and Jasango, go to the website and sign up for the newsletter in order to receive your credentials.

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