Corona Virus Press Release

Merito Crazia Italia

Merito Crazia Italia

Merito Crazia Italy Press Release

RISK ONLY TO 5% of people

Let’s get informed and get to know the CORONA VIRUS better


Continuing its commitment to fostering constant, scrutinized information on the developments in the fight against Corona Virus, Meritocracy Italy, while not giving up the request for serious and prospective programming of any act useful for the management of this health phase, believes it appropriate to provide a easily accessible summary of what is known clinically about Coronavirus to date:

1) A new virus has appeared in China whose naturalness has been demonstrated (not constructed in the laboratory or similar nonsense).

2) The fact that it was new and its effects were not known justified the precautionary measures adopted in China and today it is possible to draw a first balance on its danger.

3) Mortality among hospitalized patients (therefore compromised from the point of view of general health) was assessed at 5%, which is equivalent to saying that out of a sample of 100 patients only 5 may not recover; but it should also be highlighted how many people who had contracted the virus learned without manifesting evident symptoms of the disease (or negligible symptoms). So even counting these subjects, the mortality would drop (statistical calculation) to 0.5%.

4) being a new virus, adequate antibodies have not yet been developed (as is the case with influenza viruses) and therefore one is defenseless. For this reason the virus spreads very quickly.

5) Italy has carried out more tests than other European countries and therefore has discovered more people who have contracted the virus.

6) Measures have been taken to delay the spread of the virus (mobility and quarantine block), considering the incubation time (at least 10 days)

7) The virus cannot be expected to not spread (even if it is a disease for which you have about 99.5% chance of recovery), but you must absolutely avoid a massive spread, not so much because of the danger in itself of the virus, mentioned above, as for the difficulty in absorbing the health facilities, which could not guarantee hospitalization for all patients in the event of numerically high and simultaneous contagion.

8) For this reason, compliance with the indicated hygiene and prevention measures appears essential.

9) But there must also be a reference to a greater sense of personal responsibility, in one to the development of an integrated operation, which involves not only health management, but also the work of cleaning companies (imposing rigid and effective protocols), companies, devoted to compliance with HSE rules, as well as social services for the management of clear and univocal information.

It is a battle that, if fought with cohesion, strategy and calm, will allow a rapid exit from the emergency.

Rome, 23.02.2020 Meritocracy Italy

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