More Water Fountains To Fight Plastic

“That’s how we will eliminate the use of plastic”

Councilor Aitini

Assessore of Security Alberto Aitini, proposes list of places: “But we’ll also accept suggestions.”

The proposal of the council Already taken into consideration Emergency drinking fountains in Bologna all the while the Municipality rushes to fix up broken ones. The councilor for security and maintenance of the heritage and the environment Aitini, wrote a post on Facebook to reopen the matter and announced his proposal to resolve the problem. “We would like to install some new fountains in Bologna, wrote Aitini on his Facebook page. We need to reduce plastic consumption and encourage drinking public water.”

Extra Drinking Fountains

Water Fountain Piazza Neptune

Water Fountain Piazza Neptune

The idea of the administration is to add a dozen fountains to the 178 already existing in the municipal area. In addition, the desire for Assessore Aitini is to reopen some disused ones. Tourism in Bologna is growing dramatically and Bologna must be ready.

SOCIAL REQUESTS “I would like there to be one in via Fondazza;”  or “at the Don Bosco Park” and “along the cycle paths.”

The Mayor’s Water

“With Hera we are thinking of some high-traffic places where we could install them, continued Aitini on Facebook, “The Mayor’s water, as we say, is safe and healthy. Where would you like to see them installed?  Send me some proposals. So we study its technical feasibility and ask for authorization from the Superintendency.”  Aitini’s appeal has already been received by several people, who commented on the Facebook post on Sunday evening. One hundred and sixty-one interventions. “I would like one in Piazzetta Morandi, in the heart of the mythical Social Street of Via Fondazza,” writes McKenzie Giova. While Alberto Stanzani, councilor of Quartiere al Savena, advises to put one in place “at the Giardino Europa Unita, an area rather frequented and which houses the HQ of the Savena district. It has not been working for some time.”  Another proposes, “The Don Bosco Park (Fiera-San Donato).  It’s a large park, with gym equipment, running routes, many sportsmen and everyone asking where they can drink,” advises Daniela Natali, while for Ivana Tomasini the new fountains must be placed, “in all public gardens where children play and where there are  sport equipment: Giardino Graziella Fava in via Cairoli and Giardino 11 September. And along the cycle paths.”

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