SetUp exhibition – I am still here

By Giorgia Ferro

This week is the hottest time of the year for the Bolognese art scene and Alice Zannoni, CEO of SetUp Art srl, announces the exhibition “I am still here. SetUp to be continued” which will be held from the 24th to the 26th of January 2020 in the spaces on the first floor of the Bus Station (Autostazione), will be hosted back where it all started in 2013.SetUp_1_2020

“I am still here”, as the title suggests, is a provocation addressed above all to herself with self- irony after having moved away from the artistic direction of the fair in the last two years due to management differences, and intentionally returning to the underground setting of the bus station as if the words were the personification of the fair which thus declares a return to the place of origin.

SetUp_2_2020Zannoni continues: “I am moved by a sense of responsibility towards those who believed in the project when it was nothing and I was nobody, towards those who supported it in the following years, towards those who have not failed to support SetUp. I am also moved by a deep sense of awareness of how much SetUp has been a fundamental “base 0” for many young artists. I am interested in continuing to work in this direction, changing, evolving, but without making compromises with the identity of the fair. SetUp has been and will be a project to give emerging artists above all growth opportunities “.

Since 2013, SetUp has welcomed over 600 artists, starting with only 25 exhibitors and reaching 60 in 2017. SetUp has invested in growing a new generation of collectors. SetUp made sure that a fair could be above all a cultural platform with talks, round tables, performances and designed a format that focused on the triangulation between curator-gallery-artist. The change was to rethink the art system to trigger a new process and generate a healthy “culture economy”.SetUp_3_2020

The exhibition “I’m still here. SetUp to be continued” is made up of over 30 artists and does not have a curatorial substrate to support this, because the exhibited works are the result of donations made by artists and collectors who, with a gesture of generosity and gratitude, want to help support the revival of the fair.

The fair is open to the public at a free entry opening the 24th from 5pm to 11pm and the 25th and 26th from 11am to 11pm.

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