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150,000+ visitors squeezed into Anthropocene

It was only supposed to remain open for four months, instead it closed on January 5 after eight months of extraordinary turnout. Anthropocene was the exhibition of photographs on the changing environment hosted by the Mast of Bologna. Since May 16 it had been visited by 155,000 people, impressed by the project of the international group of scientists Anthropocene Working Group which has documented the changes that man has imprinted on earth and the effects of human activities on natural processes through the combination of art, cinema, augmented reality and scientific research.

Experts galore

Over 15,000 students from schools in the Emilia region, and beyond, who have been able to visit it in 600 events reserved just for them. Almost 700 guided tours organized for the public; over 70 meetings and screenings, free appointments open to the public with scientists, anthropologists and experts, dedicated to the environment and climate change.

Sorry to goposter Antropocene

“We are sorry to leave Anthropocene at the MAST Foundation,” says Edward Burtynsky, Jennifer Baichwal and Nicholas de Pencier. “We are very grateful to Mrs Seràgnoli, Urs Stahel and all the Mast team for having started the exhibition in Bologna in a way so incredible. It gives us hope to know that this project has had a great impact on visitors of all ages and that it will continue to raise awareness of issues that have become urgent all over the world.”  The exhibition was co-curated by Urs Stahel, who had this to say: “A year ago we imagined that the climate theme would become increasingly dominant, but in a few months everything changed: Greta arrived, the Friday for Future events have started and public awareness has grown on environmental issues related to climate change, which are at the centre of the exhibition and the film.”

A World Tour

Anthropocene, which debuted in Canada in the autumn of 2018 with the film “Anthropocene: The Human Epoch,” screened in a world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and with the exhibition staged simultaneously in Toronto and Ottawa, it’s now moving to the Maritime Museum and of Technology in Malmö, Sweden, where it will open on February 15th.

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