Bolognese United in New Year’s March for Peace

marcia per la pace 2020

Religious and secular associations, civic and third sector networks, unions and many citizens filled the ranks for the ‘Marcia per la Pace 2020’, now on its fifth annual event. The day was organized on behalf of the University of Bologna under the theme “Together: open and supportive cities.” The long coloured line of marchers was headed by Archbishop Matteo Zuppi and the spokesman of the Islamic community of Bologna Yassine Lafram. They left around 15.30 from Piazza VIII Agosto to arrive in Piazza del Nettuno, where Cecilia Strada, former president of Emergency, which is involved in the Mediterranean saving humans project. She addressed the crowds in a rousing speech about inclusiveness and supporting each other.marcia per la pace 2020_2

marcia per la pace 2020_2Also present was Virginio Merola. Among the marchers was the leader of the regional PD, Stefano Caliandro, who said: “The new year has started in the best possible way… many people have turned out on the streets of our city showing how Bologna has confidence in the future, is active to work for a cohesive community, to be more just and where every person has rights and duties. At a time when the world is afraid, it is good for everyone that from Bologna the cry of all those who say no to war and fear.”

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