500 Helicopter emergency flights

118 Helicopter at Maggiore Hospital

118 Helicopter at Maggiore Hospital

The super heroes on nightshifts

Over 465 missions in just one year of activity. In other words, more than one emergency a day. And the twelve-month budget for the nightly helicopter rescue in Emilia-Romagna, which completed 395 missions in the territories of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, 46 of those in Parma, Piacenza and Reggio Emilia, and 24 in Romagna. About 44,000 circuits travelled, for over 366 hours of flight at night. The Region is tracking these stats, which were activated Ferragosto last year. Since then, nighttime helicopter rescue has intervened 252 times to help in trauma cases, while 213 have been interceded for other incidents.  There are 62 nurses on the 118 call who flew at night, along with 15 medical resuscitators and 10 pilots.

Dedicated health workers

There are 12 operators at the heliport, which departs from Ospedale Maggiore including those employed in fire service and six emergency technicians. In all there are 253 places equipped for take-off and night-time landings: 138 in the east Emilia area, 68 in the west and 47 in Romagna. Regional councillor for Health, Sergio Venturi explains,

“For this year we did not limit ourselves to starting the new service, which also safely allows us to use the landing bases not illuminated, but we are committed to strengthen the network of bases available across the whole regional territory. This is our continuing commitment, with a particular focus on the most disadvantaged areas, starting with those in the mountains. Because the right to health belongs to everyone, even when it is more complicated to guarantee it.”

A Happy Governor

Rejoicing in these successful statistics, Governor Stefano Bonaccini comments, “They are important results for a cutting-edge and fundamental service to intervene in situations of great emergency, when even a few minutes can make a difference. But these results,” Bonaccini emphasizes, also confirm, “the commitment of this Region to offer citizens an increasingly effective and quality health service.”  In this regard, the governor cites the staffing in the ward, with a recruitment drive of 10,000 doctors, nurses and technicians, investments in healthcare construction, eliminating the income bracket up to 100,000 euros, so that more people can take advantage of specialist visits to families with more than one child. He concludes that it’s, “A manoeuvre that allows the citizens of Emilia-Romagna to save 32 million euros a year.”

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