Gen Z pupils celebrate STOP on plastic bottles

Bolognese Pioneering School

Arrigo Serpieri High School (Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Arrigo Serpieri) in Corticella becomes a pioneer in the fight against plastic bottles. Serpieri on Via Peglion 25 is the first ever plastic free Bolognese school and presently children run around with coloured bottles that can be filled at the dispensers placed around the school.

Snacks out too

Plastic wrapped snacks are also being given the boot. Stefano Patelli, much-appreciated teacher of Economics, encourages his pupils to look at the successful movement ‘Future for Fridays’ because “it has ignited a spark in the youngsters.” And the professor blurts out “Finally! You don’t see them unconcerned any more these days. Young people keep marvellous resources to themselves because they don’t know where or how to use them effectively. This is why they appear unconcerned most of the time. But when they really get on track they get excited.”  Every day he observes the generation Fridays4Future as part of their activities; in discussing plastic bottles, climate change, the environment and so forth.

Leading by example

Stainless steel flask

Stainless steel flask

Following the great example of Greta Thunberg who sat outside parliament buildings the Riksdag in Stockholm with a sign ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’ (Strike for climate), “our young people are now telling us that they want to be heard too. They are demanding action. In her, they see themselves.” They have come a long way from merely being passive in their own destiny to getting out front and being active participants.

Second Global Strike

Pupils at the Second Global Strike for climate.

Pupils at the Second Global Strike for climate.

Pupils at Serpieri jumped at the chance to join the second strike and began designing signs and posters once they knew it was happening. Patelli confirms that, “Greta really set them alight. They saw one of their contemporaries who somehow committed to something important.” Patelli further underlines, “they do not have a voice because they identify with themes most people do not listen to, or do not care much about, however in view of the second Global Strike they are now protagonists of a global voice.”

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