Have you much ‘Influency’ to earn big bucks?

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New app created by Unibo students targets social networks

Now, you don’t have to be a famous influencer to start earning green as a new app by three young Unibo students targets a niche market otherwise occupied by star influencers and famous wannabes.

How much is your image worth?

Previously, you had to be a rock star, footballer, or fashion icon to get recognition but not so anymore. The real stars in this modern age are ‘influencers of social networks’, who able to earn thousands with just a selfie. In turn, they can create trends in just one click with their photos and thoughts shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al. An influencer’s image is literally the end all and be all and can net them untold riches, power or simply influence in our modern times.

The app

“So, are we were all influencers?” Starting from this basic question, three young students from the University of Bologna, together with a group of entrepreneurs from Bologna, have decided to launch ‘Influency’, a smartphone app that will allow anyone to get discounts and free products through photos published on their own social profiles. The idea stems from a very simple reasoning: “In 2019 advertising has changed, the traditional means exploited so far by companies no longer carry the results of a time,” explain Federico, Giovanni and Emiliano, the young creators behind Influency. “People are no longer influenced by ads and adverts, nothing is worth the sincere advice of a friend, especially on social media. Think, for example, how many times you have seen pictures of dishes posted by your friends and want to try them. Our app uses the principle of word of mouth applied to the media of the social networks.”

Short video presentation shows users what to do.

Short video presentation shows users what to do.

How to

For example, a user of Influency, goes to a local pub, pizzeria, restaurant and takes a photo of their pizza they are about to delve into and tags it with a hashtag and the location of the local in question. As soon as the photo is approved, the user receives a discount, proportionate to the number of his /her followers through a QR code to be presented at the cash desk when the account is paid. To take advantage of this innovative application users do not need to have dizzying numbers that professional influencers have but rather, one hundred followers will suffice to access a wide variety of discounts offered by the affiliated premises.

Pizzerias, restaurants and hotels are now included in the Influency circuit. In turn, businesses get great media coverage thanks to dozens of users who share their experience with their circle of social contacts.

Future of marketing

In short, this is a new concept of promotion for companies that aims to exploit the effectiveness and immediacy of digital platforms, while maintaining the genuineness of a friend’s advice. The guys from the Influency team are motivated and ambitious and are thinking big for their innovative start-up. “We have already made agreements with various local companies of various kinds but our goal is to expand and be able to include other business concerns, to cover the entire city and satisfy everyone’s tastes. Bologna is only the starting point, as we are committed to ensuring that our idea can revolutionize the way of advertising in the social world and establish itself on the national scene.” Anyone who loves social media or who, more simply, is interested in receiving a discount in exchange for a little advertising be warned – Influency is coming.

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