€4 million pumped into Certosa Cemetery

pet grave stone

Investment plan to boost aesthetics & visitor numbers

Cinzia Barbieri, of Bologna Servizi Cimiteriali explains that it was time they began to focus on Certosa now as the city has always been concentrating elsewhere for years: “cemetery tourism is also an important reality. Among the projects we are working on in addition to enhancing security with the creation of a video surveillance system, there is also the idea of installing totems for information, where visitors can find both logistical information related to the identification of the tombs, both as a curiosity about Certosa, and historical initiatives such as guided tours.”

The amount allocated will also serve to beautify both cemeteries with painting and restoring many areas, as well as an enhancing the historical part, where “every year at least three ancient tombs are restored,” Barbieri concludes.

New pet graveyard

On top of the on-going restoration projects, as already announced, there will also be the creation of a specific section dedicated to pets, “because there have been many requests in this sense. In fact, there’s been so many that the start of this work, which was set for 2020, has been anticipated for by a year.” The CEO of Bsc, the company that also controls the Bologna funeral services continues, “We would also like to promote our funeral services much more because many people are not even aware of the existence of Bsc. We approach these realities in moments of the most painful need when a loved one has gone. Most people do not realise that, in addition to the usual private funeral companies, the same services are carried out by us, a company controlled by an investee of the Municipality and therefore a public company.”

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