VOLT ITALIA: petition for signatures

volt via orefici_3150,000 needed to enter EU race

Different strokes for different folks!

To participate in the next EU elections in May every country has its own rules of entry. So new parties like Volt Italia must hit the streets in search of people to sign a petition, which is merely in support of their eventual participation should they reach the magic number of signatures. For example, in Germany and Belgium, less than 5,000 are needed, which greatly enhances the probability of a new party at least stand in the EU elections. Italy, however, is in a league all on its own. It has one of the highest thresholds in Europe. New parties here must collect 150,000 signatures and an authorized civil servant must authenticate every single one.volt via orefici_2

volt via orefici_1Of course, it’s not enough to aim for high-density city centres either. That would be far too easy. Again, the party can only collect a maximum of 3,000 per region and as per the rulebook must cover every single region including the islands. And naturally, there’s a time limit on this too. The total number of signatures can only be rounded up during a two-month period literally before the election campaigning cycle. Costs and logistics for mounting an ambitious project are limitless, nevertheless, the Bolognese chapter of Volt Italia are giving it their best shot. The so-called Bolovolters are helping to lead political change throughout the country proposing a united Europe as the best way forward to create more prosperity based on our natural resources, equality and integration for all towards a fairer society.

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