“FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE” arrives in Bologna

Fridays for Future Bologna

Fridays for Future Bologna

16-year-old Swede embarrasses the world

It was called Bologna’s “first strike for the environment.” It took place in the Piazza Maggiore, right under the windows of Palazzo d’Accursio and was promoted by the new local group inspired by the international movement ‘Fridays for Future’. Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old Swedish student who decided instead of going to school, in Stockholm she would ‘go on strike for the environment’, founded the new environmental movement. And the protest is spreading all over the world through student participation.

“It’s important to strike. I hope that here too a movement starts,” says Caterina Noto, 25, a degree student in Environmental Sciences, and coordinator of the local Greenpeace group and founder of the praesidium.

Time to act is now

First 'Strike' for the environment

First ‘Strike’ for the environment

On the many signs, the protestors held up, many illustrated hat the time to change was now. Climate change is happening and there’s no time to waste. ‘Changing policies not the climate’ is another one of their slogans.

Noto considers Bologna as a city sensitive to environmental issues, “but there are some inconsistencies and there’s so much more we can do. It’s okay to increase the number of cycle paths and have ‘T-days’, but there are some choices that go in the opposite direction. For example, the idea of enlarging the ring road around Bologna and the project Prati di Caprara make no sense and only serve to set us back in time regarding the environment.”

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