Arte Migrante in Zonarelli Centre

Where cultures go to dance, sing and talk together

By Caroline Hunt

Arte Migrante is a program founded by Tommaso Carturan with the objective to bring people of varying cultures and social conditions together. This program is held every Wednesday night at Intercultural Center Zonarelli Bologna and has been functioning for about six years now. This program is a place for members of the community to mingle, play music, read poetry, eat, dance, and get to know one another through multiple art forms. Tommaso is originally from Latina near Rome, but has lived here in Bologna for about seven years and loves it here in Bologna. (Founder, Carturan left in 1st photo)


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Tommaso is a songwriter and has had a lot of experience doing volunteer work with the homeless and foreigners. He says he and some friends decided to begin these weekly meetings as a way to break the distance between people of different cultures. “We use art as a tool to build a new society with new relations,” says Tommaso. He says that art is something they aim to use in order to come together to fight racism and indifference. Tommaso says that people from all conditions of life including refugees and those without a place to stay come to this program every Wednesday to enjoy being in a space with people who desire to get to know them.

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Tommaso explains that most of the people who find out about the program and choose to attend every week are simply those he meets in different aspects of life and becomes connected to. “You can meet different people and create simple relations in normal life,” says Tommaso. He also explains that he used to volunteer with the homeless two times a week where he shared food and play music with them in the station as a volunteer so he invited them to experience this activity. He feels that Arte Migrante has changed the way that members of the community who seem to have no one communicate with one another. Tommaso explains, “It helps them to find a group of friends, a family.” He says it also helps Italian people to be more open-minded and fight their own prejudices.Arte Migrante 5

He explains that meeting with other people of different ways of life helps us to improve our own way of life and thinking. “The meetings of diversity are very precious,” Tommaso explains. “Arte Migrante is a place with people of all different nations.”

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