Irnerio bus corridor causes umpteenth accident

Accident spot with blood and chalk stains.

Accident spot with blood and chalk stains bottom left corner.

Woman crushed by bus in danger zone between traffic, Comune: “We’ll find a solution.”

A 47-year-old woman who was invested by a bus in via Irnerio, at the intersection with via Mascarella, remains stable. Her life is apparently not in any significant danger, but she does risk losing a leg, which was crushed by the bus in transit. She remains hospitalized in the intensive care unit of Maggiore hospital, on a private prognosis.

Umpteenth accident

Meanwhile, controversy about the incident and the dynamics of its circumstances has kicked off again. This particular stretch where the bus stop islands create diverging traffic, and where those on foot have to criss-cross between vehicles on the normal lanes and buses in bus lanes creates chaos. The same layout also appears in Via Marconi and Via dei Mille and claimed another female victim not long ago. The woman fell under the bus against which she had slammed into while crossing the road. And then just before summer last year, a van wrecked one of the bus stops on an island in Via Marconi.

Bologna Insieme 

Manes Bernardini went on the attack: “We are thinking of proactive actions to illustrate the dangers of these high curbs in Via Irnerio, Marconi and Via dei Mille,” he said. “It is madness not to solve this problem. For years Bologna Insieme has complained about how the docks (bus islands) are unsafe, and now the facts prove us right. If we ever get to govern this city, removing all those docks will be among the first things we will do.”

Buses, cars, motorbikes, foot and bicycle traffic make Via Irnerio particularly dangerous.

Buses, cars, motorbikes, foot and bicycle traffic make Via Irnerio particularly dangerous.

Other victims

Two accident victims, who were injured in the same section in which the present 47-year-old was crushed, also contacted Bernardini two months ago. Adriana De Palma was knocked down by a bus in April 2018. “I just got out of work, it was 5.45 pm when the bus came at me from the left. I wasn’t expecting it and obviously, the driver did not see me either.” Adriana did not want to look at the videos of the impact but saw a few photographs.

“The windshield glass was broken, so the crash must have been strong. I fainted and do not remember anything else,” she explains. “I was 15 days at Maggiore with facial fractures, broken ribs, tearing of the pancreas, bruising to the right adrenal and had vertigo syndrome, which I still suffer from. I could not work for 80 days. That stretch of road is dangerous, then two months after my accident a young boy was hit too, and now this lady. Someone must intervene. A city like Bologna cannot afford to have such an unsafe route.”

Forza Italia refuse to accede

Their deputy Galeazzo Bignami spoke out against rash judgement. “It’s publicised drama. We reported the problematic nature of those docks since their design, and those working in the area talk about continuous accidents. But removing them would be an excessive waste of public money, so we must evaluate alternative solutions.”

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