AI to feature as new UniBo degree

AI degree coming to UniBo

Bologna University plans to introduce new degree for highly specialized figures on an international level

The University of Bologna is ready to play a leading role at the international level in the realms of artificial intelligence. Starting from two important innovations: a new International Master’s Degree Course in Artificial Intelligence, which will start in the 2019-20 academic year, and a new Interdepartmental Center.

AI Degree

The new Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence will be activated in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The course, in English, will focus on the foundational and application disciplines in Artificial Intelligence. But there will also be space for cross-sectional issues such as cognitive neuroscience and the ethical and social implications of new technologies, as well as for skills related to the numerous application sectors in which the industrial landscape is requiring more and more of. At the end of the degree, students will have the qualification of “specialists in Artificial Intelligence” and be recognised as highly specialized technical figures, with excellent computer skills and specific skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence. They will also be able to confront the design, implementation and management of highly innovative products and services.

Interdepartmental Centre

The other big news is the development of an interdepartmental centre which will open its doors in the spring of this year and which aims to put together the best of the Alma Mater. We will work on artificial intelligence but also on its implications for example legal, psychological and ethical, with dozens of researchers of whom six foreigners have already been recruited.

Rector for Research Antonino Rotolo affirms, “We are deploying a world-class research capacity. The sector is obviously very promising and in recent years the University of Bologna has already put together 50 million euros of funding for research projects on AI. These include a maxi-European project that alone is worth 20 million. All of this is waiting for a great showcase that Bolognese research will demonstrate in 2022, at the biggest world conference on Artificial Intelligence, the Ijcai-Ecai, will take place right under the Two Towers. “The theme,” Rotolo emphasizes again, “is not the brain drain, but the brain attractiveness, so to attract them we need a strong project.”

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