Bandits robbed pizza delivery staff

First vicious attack in August 2018

Firearms found on alleged robbers.

Displayed firearms found on alleged robbers.

Three men aged 22, 27 and 30 were arrested for the harrowing nightmare that started back in August last year. Pizza delivery staff were targeted in a series of armed robberies usually carried out in the evenings. The three responsible are all Italian.

On August 14, an employee of a Bolognese pizzeria was preparing to make a delivery as he was violently attacked and threatened with a gun and a knife from the three alleged robbers. They stole his bag containing the proceeds of the evening and some personal effects. They repeated the exact same scene the following day, targeting first, a shopkeeper from the city centre. They robbed and attacked the victim and immediately after a deliveryman handing over a pizza at a home.


In order to interrupt the serious offences, the police commissioner immediately set up an operation with the use of personnel from the General Prevention and Public Assistance and the Mobile Response Squad. It was thanks to their investigative work, that they soon began to focus their attention on Outmane Saouaf Marzouk, 22, born in Morocco, Federico Cesari, aged 27, and Giacomo Levi, 30, born in Brasil.

Cesari and Levi were first arrested on September 5, 2018, just as they were about to commit another robbery against another pizzeria deliveryman. The investigation, as well as that by the mobile response team, managed to follow the perpetrators as they moved around Bologna. Street cameras especially located in the areas of the robberies and several eyewitnesses were crucial in convincing the prosecutor Pierluigi Borghini to begin prosecutions against the three men.


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