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Entrepreneurs set up an association to help others

Paolo Ruggeri

Paolo Ruggeri

In order to transform difficulties into opportunities, helping those who have already taken the plunge is quite sufficient. Thus, an idea was brought to light between two successful managers such as the Roman Enrico Tosco and Bolognese Paolo Ruggeri. Their collaborative effort is to supply entrepreneurs suffering from a crisis with training and an articulated consulting course in meetings, like the recent one that brought 40 company owners from all over Italy to the Best Western Hotel.

It’s free with and comes with extra support, study sessions and meetings with colleagues and moderated by business owners who have asserted that the Entrepreneur Association ‘Impreditore Non Sei Solo’ desires to genuinely help those who do not break through in their business field.

PAOLO RUGGERI: “We want to be a reference for those who have experienced work hardships”

Their Mission

Ruggeri explains that the association’s mission is to turn it into a non-profit organization with support and online help from fees paid by those who sit in the chair. He continues, “we’re a reference point for those who, after experiencing hardships, no longer know where they are.” It is, says Tosco, “to reactivate a virtuous circle, driven by the conviction that teaching to do business is the key to improving society and guaranteeing a profit to those who, while working hard, do not find the right path.” A ‘non-sale pact’ is set up by consultants and contact persons to shelter those assisted by partners looking for opportunities to make money. The method is solving the problems of people like Daniele Giuliano: owner of a pizzeria. “I was making pizzas more than anything else, neglecting the fundamental management aspects. The result was that my business gave me more worries than an income. With Enrico and Paolo, I saw the light again.”

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