Archbishop Zuppi rallies against “Free hand-outs”

Religious leaders attend Conference of Christian Entrepreneurs.

Archbishop Zuppi

Archbishop Zuppi

Archbishop Matteo Zuppi criticized the proposal for citizenship income. In his usual politeness, the archbishop made it clear that the social doctrine of the Catholic Church contemplates the dignity of man through fulfilment as a person and not through subsidies.

“What today serves the man,” explains the prelate, “is work, stability, dignity, professionalism, clear rules, common good, not alms and short-term opportunism. We need stable solutions and help people to look to the future in order to respond to the needs of people and families. Today, the social elevator does not work and if you do not start it again, there is no hope, we will go back in time, with those Italians who are emigrating.”

Antonio Patuelli_President-ABI

Antonio Patuelli: President ABI

This was the occasion for the National Conference of the Christian Entrepreneurs of Leaders held in the Bolognini salon of the convent of San Domenico. President of the ABI and vice-president of the Bank of Italy, Antonio Patuelli, was also present at the seminar. He supported the archbishop’s statement adding.

“We need a 2019 with less controversy and more incentives for development because we live in an Italy where there is an excess of controversy, but we banks are interested in the solutions. We do not ask for incentives but for serious business and transparency. We demand measures that give new confidence to the country as without trust the country does not grow and trust cannot be taken for granted.”

And on the subject of credit, the former minister, Gianluca Galletti, also specified how the real issue is trust in Italian companies. “Funding development means investing and this is the way that entrepreneurs and banks must follow.”

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