Bolognina’s ‘Neighbourhood Museum’

Daniele Ara announces Italy’s first of a kind museum: “It will be public, free and open to the community.”

The first in Italy

Bolognina’s district President Ara is planning to open a local community-based museum in the Navile area. “We will call it ‘mtn’, which stands for Temporary Naval Museum (Temporary Navile Museum) and will be public, free and open to all in the community.” Ara is presenting it as a great novelty for 2019, which will be in turn sponsored by the City of Bologna. The museum will open in January during the month of Arte Fiera, and it’s to be located within the Navile Trilogia – an urban centre next to the old fruit and vegetable market.

Daniele Ara

Daniele Ara

Experimental centre

Ara continues: “The museum was born from the desire to create an experimental centre dedicated to art in the heart of the district enhancing the potential of a strategic area strong in development and transformation, which is welcoming more and more young people. Five artists presented a project specifically designed and created ad hoc, from a moment of research and ‘study’ that will culminate in an exhibition.”

The daring president further explains his vision saying: “The big news will be the theme of territoriality, the centre from which the research of invited artists will move to identify new possibilities to conceive and practice this concept, hypothesizing new possible behaviours and new parameters; their points of view and a social cooperation that values all around us.”

Artists leading the charge

The challenge was launched by two artists, Silla Guerrini and Marcello Tedesco while the project is supported by Valdadige Sistemi Urbani, under the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna and in collaboration with the Navile District. It’s an important challenge that will directly involve the local inhabitants, the Bolognese and external visitors who are passionate about beauty. The Temporary Navile Museum is to be housed within the Navile Trilogia and is dedicated to the figure of Palma Bucarelli. As they celebrate the good news for Bolognina, it’s hoped that 2019 will be a great year where other important events are being planned for the area.

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