City is overrun with mice

Comune increases funds to eliminate rodents

Thousands of specimens of rdents are taking control of the city according health experts. “It’s a phenomenon that we face with great care,” assures health councilor Giuliano Barigazzi, “so much so that this year we added 50,000 euros to the budget for the fight against rodents, rising to a total expense of 130,000 euros, the same amount confirmed for 2019. We have to act on prevention and we are concentrating on manholes that are reported to us, in schools and where there is rubbish discarded outside bins. For this reason, I urge citizens not to leave waste on the street and to continue to report any sightings. We have never had a health emergency, and this is also due to our prevention work. Thanks to reports, the situation has improved even at Giardini Margherita.”

Mice stats

“So how many mice are around the city? It’s difficult to answer,” explains Marco Farina, Head of Health and Environmental Protection of the Municipality, “but according to us it’s in the thousands. Until December 13, we received 237 reports, which is slightly lower than in 2017 and is the result of changes in our detection methods, and started with experimentation since spring. Before we placed black boxes with poison bait inside, next to the bins or trees in the streets that were once reported to us, now we have moved to place the bait in open manholes. It’s a method well resume again in February, in the western outskirts of the city, starting from Porta Saragozza towards Porta Lame and Riva Reno, in the area north of Corticella and also in the eastern suburbs, in the Savena district along the river and in schools. The city center will not be as involved.”

Biologist and consultant for the Municipality, Davide Di Domenico comments of this new change of strategy, “For the 1,200 stations with boxes we realized that only 300 were visited by rats. Then we removed 900 unused positions, directing our efforts to the manholes and discovering that inside were their nests. So we managed to eliminate at least 80 colonies, ranging from 5-15 specimens because in that area rats feel safe, they eat the bait with less diffidence and die. We will resume scanning the territory starting from specific places and hot spots. Firstly, we’ll place baits without poison, then once we are sure of the presence of rodents we will pass on to the more toxic solutions.”

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